Wash the dust of daily life off your soul...


Pablo Picasso once said that the purpose of art is to wash the dust of daily life off our souls.
That’s how I see art, and yoga. And that’s why I am an artist and a yoga teacher.
Both are transformative – using material textures, lines and shapes to create new ways of seeing, and being.
Join me in the studio, and on the mat, to wash the dust off your soul.

Why People Love Yoga With me

*I'll Tell you where to put things.
*The music will keep you entertained.
*I keep you moving by focusing on intelligent sequencing/ which basically means I will include instructions not only for the pose, but for the transitions between them.
*The breath focus of the class will leave you more relaxed but also energized when you arise for the rest of your day.

Art is a very personal experience

... creator or viewer, doesn't matter.
For me, I require a tactile quality to the mediums I choose. I want to be able to see AND feel the textural language while also flow freely with line. This drives most of my work...

Art Forever


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