M E A subscription: NOW available

‘Mea’ means “Entity” in Ancient

Ancient Mū is the culture that I am most connected to at this time of Quickening or Vibrational Acceleration. I have been working with Fern Medicine from Pohala for a few years now and this has created an extremely sound connection for me to share from. With full respect for the lineage which is still alive today I have chose this word to work with for so many reasons- but the one most important to me is how it feels when I say it out loud… Meeeyyaaaaah

In honor of All, I give you MEA

M ake
E xisting
A wesome

a monthly subscription to you snail mail box

We will begin with a monthly subscription box and I am building up videos about some of the things and other important / fun / interesting related stuff to add, i’ll let you know right when those are ready- they are meant to support the use / understanding items in the box. This box will have items in it that are made ONLY for this experience- certain oils and herbs, arts and protections.

As my comfort grows- I will grow the offering and add different classes a monthly zoom check in and so on.

Please join me on an adventure to Make Existing Awesome.
You will have to provide me with a mailing address and an email- shipping is included within the United States.

Only three spots available at this time. $40 + tax free ship

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