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Pre-Pandemonium I was already making a valiant attempt to rearrange how I offer and what I actually “do” because it was plainly obvious that depending on teaching only public Yoga Asana classes wasn’t going to work out in true abundance- and going back to photography or art was also not something I wanted to work into my future- especially not at that stage of my personal vibration. Everything was based heavily on loss, lack, fear and shame and this was absolutely not something I wanted to carry with me any longer. At that point I was wondering HOW in the world I was going to rearrange pretty much EVERYTHING? Well apparently in walks 2020- from the get-go it was bumpty central-nothing was “going” in that way where I could feel GREAT in a major investment… I wondered, will THIS be the time? no no, HOW? haha and then it happened- started in bits and landed in a pandemic. As everything started to get torn away- I watched and didn’t act- again and again- Until I did and it was meditation, a LOT of meditation. I began to reset- and then come apart- reset- and come apart- until I burst and that person left the building- a whole new me appeared and I have been allowing for the witnessing of it, strangely familiar actually.

It is now well over a year later and this monumental change just keeps on going- creating these amazing shifts and completely unreliable energy and then exactly the opposite. WHILE going through this the best example of what I can do for others is emerging- and it is not only very useful, it is powerful.

As I write this to you, I feel as though I am moments away from another big expansion and it is exciting- what I am learning is from living in the “in between”, seeing what space is in the division and what we can expand from there.

Because we are in this massive shift, it is divisional and chaotic and for me to be able to offer something which can help a whole lotta people- I am here for it. I will absolutely get in the way of it- mess with it, move it around as i like to and return it completely refreshed and anew as a gift for the development of humanity’s consciousness.

What I have for you now- is simply this: We are in this together but we are not al meant to teach everyone, we are meant to evolve in groups, sure, we move each other forward, again yes- but in reality we do not ALL understand ALL even though we wish we do. More simply put, I am not for everyone- if you would like to dive in for a consultation call we can- reply to the email you receive when you sign up here:

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