Mystical Readings

Intuitive Mystical Readings

a very unique experience, they are done remotely and work best with no question or inquiry for Spirit, but of course we can include something general for direction sake if you like. no matter what, a special divine message meant only for you is included.

this special message can be delivered to you in two different electronic ways- either audio or video. audio is my preferred method as it s more timely for you. video is not done right away and takes some time to work with the media. how long depends on when the order comes in and how many videos are in front- everything is done in the order received.
both are a 20-30 minute experience. most weeks I am not doing readings on Sunday & Monday but this can change, please keep this in mind. If you have a special need in regards to a date- please put a note in your order.

Audio Only: $44.22

Video: $

Limited Time Launch Sale

10 minute Special Message by video $22.77
sale ends feb 4, you must make your order by noon pacific feb 4- one per person.

coming soon: in person video consultation. begins feb 19. note, this is not a reading it is more like a mini coaching session that will center around yogic movement, creating daily practices to center yourself, boost self confidence, meditation and so on. 20 minutes, email if interested