Thursday July 9 2020

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these are my morning thoughts

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these are my morning thoughts: … The trail today is really long and winding through things for me and things for collective understanding and while I watched these pass through I saw what connections they mad and considered if I could change that around some. Mostly what I am getting today revolves around presence and the act of being present. The later often attaches to someone outside of us which is why it feels off, we aren't present for others- we are present for ourselves and we interact with others which creates the universal exchange of creative ideas- or life. I am not saying to bag all your interactions I am presenting a different way of looking at why we appear in someone's life while also maintaining clarity. It's not an easy swap out- it takes work like the reorganization of the use of pronouns. One way to look at this is to break it down to present- I would like to present myself to this event and experience what happens when I do. OK sounds totally lame- but HEY I didn't say to express this with your voice- it's your MIND (aka in your head) and it's weird to the ego at first too- because I mean you are basically telling yourself that you are a gift, which we all are, but somehow we long to see something wrong with that. OR we did, and now we can't. Speed Bump City. The only way through speed bumps are to see the speed bumps and deal with them directly so if you at this time cannot present yourself to your heart as a gift- you may want to take a gander at why that happens- are you looking for the flaws in every single thing? This is HUGE and I "blame" the American school system, but hey, let's forget that for a moment. What happens if you first look for the thing that needs fixing, what needs the glue, the way to stuff the leak? What does this do for you? Creates the consistent sensation of lack. Have you noticed how shitty that feels now? …please continue below… . #galacticcouncil #highvibetribe #earthmedicine #energyupgrade #selflove #bepresent #multipleexposure #mysticmessenger #consciousness #ascension #lightencoded

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