Yoga . Movement . Coaching

I feel that having a movement practice is the best way to create the intersection between our outer lives and our inner world.

I tap into how the collective is feeling and provide a movement experience based on the available energy- combine this with how we can work with it and benefit from it versus being pushed around by it- which seems to be the common issue (and complete misunderstanding) when it comes to both the highly energy sensitive and the flexible. As a whole the collective is changing a lot at quite a rapid rate and the energy sensitive people (as well as the flexible) will likely need extra support and guidance through this cosmic upgrade.
The entire reason I began creating this movement style is because I needed to figure out how to stabilize my highly flexible body but in a way where I wasn’t providing tension in the place of building strength and over time I realized this is more common than not.
You do not need to be energy sensitive or very flexible to benefit from my approach and offering.

The best way to accomplish this is with a home practice which I can help you create through a combination of conversation, movement, breathing, meditation all drawn together based on where you are in your body and life in the now.
Not last year, not next week- now.

you will gain

  • increased self confidence
  • growth in creative flow
  • daily resilience and focus going up
  • attunement to daily and monthly phases and cycles
  • self reflected love shows itself

HOW we will accomplish this is: First a consultation call, these are about 20 minutes and cost $10.

From there, if we are a good match, we create a series for you based on where you are. Monthly or weekly (minimum three weeks to start) for a designated amount of time (yes, you can of course change this)

Available now (online only):
$122 Private sessions, Package of 10 (1 free) sessions used w/in 6mos available, Small Group Rate $200 (up to 3 people)

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everything I do is set with whole heart coded intentions