Hi, my name is Faern.

and I’m ready to guide you in a new direction

First and foremost, I am human. I am highly intuitive and the way that I present my experience is through the lens of a Mystic. I am here to remind you that humans are multidimensional beings and to assist your expansion into this knowledge in order to live a life from the baseline frequency of joy. We all have the capabilities to work with energy in a multitude of ways and I want to help you meet yourself where you are by diving into the possibilities already here in your organic body. This current time period of vibrational quickening is ideal to take advantage of- the more people that do, the more palpable the shift will be for everyone else. This is part of my drive.

We are each on a unique path but we all have access to these ancient esoteric and metaphysical principles and can put them to work at any time.

When you do- the dust begins to clear…

I have wound my way through creating a spiritually based life over many years. It took some time and attention to honestly find that golden through-line and “attach”, so to speak, my thread. Over time the framework became YOGA and this was the connecting frequency I required in order to begin again.
Since then there have been many times of beginning again- and every time I arrive on the mat, no matter the kind of shift, it is THE way I have the most experience with re-centering myself… or rather, it was before pandemonium.
NOW I have a whole repertoire to share- even if I do keep up with Asana & Meditation & Pranayama very regularly I also include other daily self-supporting actions.

It has been simply a dream to create this for myself, and I look forward to helping you do it too.

My practice is rooted in Energy via Movement & Meditation
and expressed through Conversation, Emotional Intelligence &
Frequency Shifting as mediums to assist the expansion of human consciousness.

Everything I do is set with whole heart coded intentions.

The way I embody this as a guide is through guiding heart centered consciousness into all aspects of life and applying Emotional Intelligence practices for integration of Karmic debris.

What you do really depends on who you are and what you are looking for, the return value is the same. Increased attention to your Self allows for the intersection between inner and outer worlds to become clear which will be balanced by emotional integrity & understanding.

Below you will find options for working together: Spiritual Coaching, Energy Healing, Yoga & more.

The most direct way is 1:1

A 1:1 Intuitive Embrace
session is a combination of Energy Work and unwinding of a spiritual concept or area of understanding as it is applicable to your life. We will together apply Divine Order to whatever we choose to cover based on where you are and your choice of view- Energy Centers, Emotional Intelligence, Intuitive growth, 5 Kosas & Kleshas, moving energy in the body, aligning with cycles and phases of nature, arranging a sustainable schedule for personal ritual of any kind, adding in helpful daily thought medicine, Frequency Refinement, Meditation, Breathwork and of course, more.

A remote “Inter-Dimensional” Cord Pulling and Repair Healing.
This is as unique as it sounds. This is something that really requires detailed info and that you have been working on it yourself. Feel free to be in contact with questions.

1:1 Virtual Yoga
The best way to accomplish this is with a home practice which I can help you create through a combination of conversation, movement, breathing, meditation all drawn together based on where you are in your body and life in the now.
Not last year, not next week- now.

you will gain

  • increased self confidence
  • growth in creative flow
  • daily resilience and focus going up
  • attunement to daily and monthly phases and cycles
  • self reflected love shows itself

:You can read more here:

1:1 Guided Energy & Breath Session
These 30 min sessions are a combination of simple breathwork, intuitive energy shifting and grounding the new frequency into the body.

Mystic Message / Intuitive Connection
a very unique experience, they are done remotely and work best with no question or inquiry for Spirit, but of course we can include something general for direction sake if you like. No matter what, a special divine message meant only for you is included.

Mystic Faern Shop

I created this shop to support the physical body through big spiritual shifts and changes. You will find both Ritual and Spiritual tools, healing oils, salves and balms. The items are all small batch or one of a kind- so if you like what you see, grab it right away.

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Small Group Virtual sessions & workshops

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