Redefining Liminal Space

or how we use it.

The space in between has always held a special interest for me. For a while now, I wish I kept track of timing but I didn’t, I have been watching how I interact with the space in between during regular daily activities but this got thwarted by “the pandy” and it seemed as though everything was an “in between”- although not as if it was on hold, at least not for me, maybe it was for you.

I went through so much personal change that after a while there just wasn’t a way to connect to any thing that once was- oof that sounds more dramatic than it really was, although at the time it built up it’s own special dramatic existence- wait, where was I? RIGHT- nothing to cling to basically, which is all fine and dandy until you’re looking around your apartment thinking “how does this all ACTUALLY fit together?”. After asking the questions a gazillion times eventually I landed on the answer- DO THINGS… what are the things you HAVE to do? Make sure it’s not some programed thing- being very clear with myself I cut out everything kind of like you do when you are trying to figure out what food you are allergic to- it’s just that in THIS it wasn’t so much food, maybe some indulgences but in general it was more about HOW I said and did things, why and how I went to do whatever I was doing- how I was talking- YEAH as if I was a little allergic to my patterns- I mean, not helpful might as well cause me to sneeze. What I ended up with was building out from necessary things in my life and setting up certain transitional times- basically taking some control of the moments in between where my mind would idle or might just be spent not doing the right kind of nothing-

the liminal space and time.

Which caused me to REALLY focus on what the flow of my day was- OR if I took the idea to a smaller portion of my day, how I was setting myself up for a particular practice comes to mind, or how I completed it- what was happening IMMEDIATELY after.

Essentially this is what my online store is focusing on- those moments we might lose but can be highly beneficial if we catch them. What’s awesome about this is if you miss the moment it’s no big deal because it will come around again the next day or some other opportunity.

Redefining Liminal Space

I will be holding an online workshop on this topic in the next month.

In this workshop we will begin with some breathing exercises and a guided meditation. Once we complete that portion I will give a little talk on what we are working with and some approaches for your exploration and possible incorporation into your daily life.

At the end we will have time to ask questions, share and discuss expansion on any ideas that came up in the class. Daily journal use is highly encouraged for this practice.

(Watch out for a podcast on this as well)

For now, here are some things in the shop- the image below will click you through to see everything.