Often having a conversation is just what we need even if it’s about something outside of what we are working on because this is you showing up for yourself in a way that is most likely unique.
Sometimes you don’t even need to say ANYTHING for positive effects.

Join me (and some others) in


/as we explore the art of it/

Wednesday August 19 at 4pm pacific, sign up below. Free or donate.

The way this will go is as follows:

We will begin with a hello and a very simple breath exercise to unite to the group on our individual basis.

This is followed by me giving a short talk on the natural occurrence of “Quickening” along the spiritual path (which is VERY different than trying to RUSH anything).

I enjoy discussing the different ins and out of communication with our self and others- as well how to process without placing ourselves as a “victim” in the conversation in order to stay in the clarity zone. The personal connections you make within yourself when interacting with others have a tendency to act like a reaction in regards to defense- a habit some rarely move away from. WHILE the entire collective unconscious is going through daily shifts (these are quickening now which will bring MORE people into the shift by way of AGITATION)- this speed can take someone off guard which isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing although processing it can be a challenge AT FIRST depending on how on an individual level we see what is going on.

THIS may not be you- however the people around you are most likely beginning this shift or are about to.

It is time to drive the bus- are you aware of WHICH bus you are in?
Did you know that you already HAVE the keys?

The rest of the time is set up for us to converse- bring your journal, write questions ahead of time on the topic (& anything else) or pull from the notes you just wrote down.
You can also focus on listening-
OR send ME the questions and you can remain in the shadows-
ALL is beneficial and assists in growing intuitive abilities.

This is FREE or make a donation-> You do have to sign up though, follow this ->