December Energy Videos

The first video that comes out is a recap of sorts- actually I am thinking to rename it- because it is much more than a recap. It contains all kinds of information which revolves AROUND the energy of the previous month but is not limited to it in any way. In the above video you’ll notice that there are solutions that come up just while describing what went on, for example.
ULTIMATELY this is a 6 month thing- the recap video- and I will assess if it has any sustainable contribution at that time.

In the Preview or Forecast I go over the phases and how they seem to be landing as well as the dates for the moon phases and other things that I feel will take part in what is felt in the collective energy.
December’s general flow is very similar to November’s in regards to dates of moon phases and the collective response- HOWEVER we do have the addition of this eclipse and solstice, although there was an eclipse in November- This one landed in a very different way and we will be riding this through 12/12 and to Solstice which overshadows the other wavelength at times which makes it more challenging to navigate the physical world as well as locate the inner compass or mapping to stillpoint system. This is why so many people are saying to “watch out for the fire” because this will cause an uneasiness in many people and I am making an assumption that it will push on certain astrological aspects which will easily fire up many people’s systems. It is up to you as an individual to work this out by creating your boundaries within first which allows you to lessen unnecessary projections on the humans around you.

The ultimate goal being returning to your own intentions as often as possible until you do not feel the need to return- meaning, it never leaves your experience. I mean, honestly “it” never does- it’s just that we think it does as some kind of a hook into lack or unworthiness or reactionary response.

Please view the videos and let me know- as a coment on the youtube video- which things you would like me to include in the video for the end of this month and beginning of 2022

Thank you for being here…