Take Your Art to the Next Stage 1:1

What is your next stage?

I have enormous experience with the visual arts- not limited to drawing, painting, photography, printmaking & mixed media are the things I can assist with. Let me give it to you strait though right here right now- I am going to ask you to begin a breathing practice as well as journaling (if you needed a free tip on where to begin, that was it). Honestly it doesn’t so much matter which medium you work in as long as your interest is in personal expansion via art making- aka- taking the ART to the next level while you figure our how to do it you master yourself in many ways. Arranging your life so that this is possible is also a form of mastery.

Let me assist you in arranging this in a sustainable way- you DO NOT have to have an art degree or want to sell your art. These things don’t have to be a part of your next stage, but if that is part of your thought process we can talk a little about that. You may not be so ready to deal with all that is and possibly think you HAVE to- you don’t although it can be fairly rewarding with many lessons attached.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves- for now, let’s make expansion possible through your art by arranging the making of it sustainable into your life while at the same time you start tapping on Self Mastery.


For the Artists you’ll sign up HERE and the cost is $133.33

You will receive a questionnaire right after signing up for these sessions which will be extremely helpful for me to create your experience- please reply promptly. The three sessions can be spread out no longer than three months but must be paid in full. FACETIME / ZOOM is the easiest place to meet for most people.