Take Your Spirituality Through the Next Gate 1:1

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey it’s possible to reach a time frame where you need someone to point you in a direction and that is what this series it about. Allow me to help you get a fresh look at your practice.

We meet 3 times- one time a week over 2 months max.
In these meetings we will go over where you are and I will provide you with practices, journal prompts and things to consider in order for you to get a new look at your approach to your own practice.
The second portion of our first two 1:1 sessions will be centered around breathwork and meditation. This will inform what you will work on in between our meetings. The last one will be an energy session to support and integrate what we have done.

We can also go over what you might want to work with next- as in when our meetings are completed.

When you sign up you will receive a questionnaire which I need to see the answers to before we meet the first time.

This is 3 online live 1:1 sessions for $198 and you pay HERE

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