Take Your Yoga Asana Practice to the Next Stage 1:1

This is meant for people that already have a practice going at home- or are dedicated to beginning to provide themselves a sustainable life practice.

For the Yoga Practitioner:
Once you sign up you will receive a questionnaire which is very important you take the time to answer before our first meet up.

-3 weekly consecutive sessions or as close to it as possible.
Each time we meet we will begin a check in, a short breath exercise and then we will focus on whatever it is we are expanding on in your practice and we end with a 20-30 minute practice. Week one we focus on joints, week 2 strength, week 3 flexibility (unless otherwise discussed- which will happen often).
You will be provided with support work to do in between meetings- meditations, breathwork and journaling.

These 3 sessions are $222 and you pay for them

Questions? FAB! Get on my email list and REPLY to the welcome email_

Congratulations on taking this step.
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