What is Self Mastery?

The ability to live from the heart after working through all suppressed emotional charges and raising your core vibration via emotional coalescence and transmutation. Ultimately meeting up with your higher self and gain the ability to be a co-creator in your existence. Being able to create all you’d want from a base level of an abundant heart frequency and an inner feeling of safety which will allow you to contribute to the collective in the most expansive way possible.

There are many routes, but only one is yours.

The best method is going to be one you create on your own- this is where I come in, I assist you to create what your next stage is and help you get there. In order to do this I meet you where you are at- which means, none of this is “on demand” no pre-recordings– WE will talk about it and I will sort it out into a beneficial practice and offer it to you to check out.

If it’s art- you might get a drawing assignment.
If it’s Spirituality you will get a reading assignment.
If it’s Yoga- you’ll get an assortment of things

The initial commitment is only 3 sessions- HOWEVER we can get a lot done in that time, especially if you do them every other week (but this isn’t required)

Sounds interesting doesn’t it??

WELL you are an early bird- this is NEW and I launch it 2-2-22…

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