Embrace – Exist

… it’s just like “chop wood, carry water” except built for our time.

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Although I do understand that many people are literally going back to that- which I think is rather cool, I know that not everyone has the inner direction as of yet to do so.

This is where I come in.

NO, I definitely am not going to show you how to wield an ax but I can guide you towards understanding how to sharpen your emotional integrity and give you practices to create a sustainable living practice of your life.

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Over the three weeks you will get a good taste of what it is like to keep a schedule which is based on you and your energy body vs just what you think you should be doing. Adding in daily breathing & journal sessions and a new focus on what is actually supporting your heart and your ability to work FROM it.

A process via the subtle body of connecting the dots to create a sustainable life practice.

Whether you call it spiritual or not you are a human and you are made of energy and the best way through ALL of these stories we place on our emotional and energy body is truly to be human- and some of us need reminders on how to do that.

(there are some add-ons at the bottom)

each week you will get:
-group zoom class where we will do a breathing exercise and simple movement (this is basic mobility based) and I will talk us through our weekly theme (which will change in a simple way each time we do a series depending on things like season or perhaps we overlap an Equinox or Solstice but will always have a similar “source code” so to speak. Divine Order and all.)
-a couple of journal topics to choose from.
-a meditation audio by email: This Now Moment Meditation- new each week, very simple and short can be done multiple times a day if need be. Feel free to keep these forever.
-I will be available at certain times for questions

one time:
-on the last group meet up will will leave a little extra time to talk about how to keep it going- focus questions around scheduling and adaptation.
-group guided breath and energy session with q&a
-breath and movement video posted and link will be emailed at the start of the series. This is 20 minutes and leans on basic mobility in regards to movement.
-1:1 guided breath and energy session at 50%

Embrace You – Exist Vividly
it’s the self hug you didn’t know you needed

(I will announce dates soon- our first one will be APRIL 2022- the last three weeks. I AM having other classes between then and now so
please scroll to the bottom and sign up for my email list.)

“Creating ritual out of simple daily tasks gave me space to learn so many wonderful things that have helped me along the way in regards to things like emotions and personal energy movement. This also gave me room to explore ritual more deeply in my spiritual practices- you can choose”

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You can add on 1:1 virtual Yoga-

its an additional $222 and you get 3 one hour classes that we can focus either on expanding your practice OR matching it up with the topic we are working on in your series. We will email about this.

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When we incorporate emotional intelligence into our daily existence it becomes exponentially easier to accomplish the many tasks it takes to support our whole system and tap into our energy at the highest potential possible in your current now moment.

ALL of this is great but really needs to be applied to daily living- things you want to do that perhaps you have been afraid to do and by creating a sense of safety and someething to come home to, it will feel much more possible to open up to the realms that you have struggled with before. Whether fitness, spirituality, consciousness, yoga, art, writing, photography, hiking, camping- it doesn’t really matter because the baseline is just that simple, figure out how to love yourself TRULY and feel safe in that and you will allow yourself to experince the most vibrant bliss available for your body and life and you can expand from there.

Truly meeting yourself where you are at is the first step-
but, do you know where you are?

If you cannot truly say YES to where you are, then you might want to take some time to see why that is. The only person that is able to give you the answer is the one inside you, the you whom you don’t realize is by your side. The heart of hearts. The unflickering flame is there, awaiting your return.

More courses to follow … quite soon

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