Spring Equinox Workshop (virtual)

(This workshop is Breathwork, Energywork, Discussion and Journal Notes)
MARCH 26 Saturday 11am-1pm (Pacific)

What do you have to do in order to create a connection to the sacred space deep inside you?

Embrace where you are, first and foremost. Keeping in mind this doesn’t mean you have to LIKE it or that it will feel any particular way.

Create a way to approach yourself and keep doing it. After a while practices change but the core value does not.

Return / Repeat but to the current moment, allowing acknowledgment for shifts.

close up photo of flowers during daytime
Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com

No matter what is going on in the world- YOU have to be able to come home to YOU in a way that works for you in this NOW moment

in this workshop we will cover:
-how to embrace the current frequency
-how to create a safe place to meet yourself and continue to approach
-what “balanced” truly means and how Divine Order applies

We will move through a few minutes of instruction to unite the group, then a breath exercise & some Guided Energy Meditation inspired by the Equinox which follows with a discussion on how to approach the current moment.
It is recommended that you have some water and something to write with and on nearby as well this is a form of ceremony so please appear in full presence of you in order to support yourself and the group at large. You will want a little space around you- think arm span.

The last portion is led by participants and I will ask you to share with your voice, if you feel willing, a bit about your experience with what we talk about in the class and perhaps a confirmation for yourself as far as which direction you want to go in. This is of course optional.

By signing up for this class be aware you will also be placed on Faern’s email list for follow up videos on Sun & Moon, Integration and Creation (as in creativity, not the religious one).

sliding scale- $22 & up