BEING human

I started a series on my YouTube (please subscribe to it if you aren’t already) where I am doing “Walk & Talk” videos discussing what it’s like BEING human right now and how to function going forward, in a sense. It is an open conversation, although it is basically all my ideas right now.

Ideally it becomes more of a conversation- for now though, I am enjoying making them. I’d love it if you’d check them out and let me know if they are insightful to you in some way- or if you have any input as far as successes in creating any of the things I have brought up.

This is the first one, they really are meant to be heard in order- although I do “recap” in a way, I am not doing that for the most common reasons and this isn’t really a great representation of what has been said. I am doing my best to stay around ten minutes- isn’t that a good length?

The plan here for this blog, is for me to “say more” when I have the ability to do so. It is interesting how it’s so easy to drop something onto social media but for some reason much more challenging to put things here on my very own website. For ME that is going to be one of my steps in arranging my “offering” so to speak (when you watch the videos that will make more sense). At the time that I am writing this- I still have a couple videos to get onto YouTube and then I want to make shorter ones as I have been doing- but energetically there’s going to be a necessary break coming, I can feel it approaching. This will simply shift anything- which is why I haven’t yet created a schedule of these yet- meaning 3 a week or 1 a week on Wednesdays- because I cannot say as of yet what is possible. Right now I am just looking to catch up this blog to the TikTok & the YouTube or rather catch them all up to each other. I know, sounds confusing but there’s a point to this…. I am looking to provide free online classes on certain topics which I will load to YouTube and all the supporting info will end up here- well, the video will too.

If you are interested in any of the things I am talking about in the videos- follow me on TikTok, Subscribe to the YouTube and get on my email list- you can find all of that here->

LinkInBio for Faern

here’s video 2 (even though it says video 1)

Thank you for reading, come back soon.

M E A subscription: NOW available

‘Mea’ means “Entity” in Ancient

Ancient Mū is the culture that I am most connected to at this time of Quickening or Vibrational Acceleration. I have been working with Fern Medicine from Pohala for a few years now and this has created an extremely sound connection for me to share from. With full respect for the lineage which is still alive today I have chose this word to work with for so many reasons- but the one most important to me is how it feels when I say it out loud… Meeeyyaaaaah

In honor of All, I give you MEA

M ake
E xisting
A wesome

a monthly subscription to you snail mail box

We will begin with a monthly subscription box and I am building up videos about some of the things and other important / fun / interesting related stuff to add, i’ll let you know right when those are ready- they are meant to support the use / understanding items in the box. This box will have items in it that are made ONLY for this experience- certain oils and herbs, arts and protections.

As my comfort grows- I will grow the offering and add different classes a monthly zoom check in and so on.

Please join me on an adventure to Make Existing Awesome.
You will have to provide me with a mailing address and an email- shipping is included within the United States.

Only two spots available at this time. $40 + tax/ free ship in the US.

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Manifestation Mapping

Last month (November 2021) I shared a method of “manifestation mapping” for people to try out. It is pretty basic but very effective. The reasoning here was how we take advantage of the “extra energy” days. Once you are able to navigate these days you have the choice of adding in particular intentions and actions to assist you in staying on track and obtaining certain needed things. I use this term “things” loosely- I do have to point out that we are working with energy here and it really only works when applying it to “important things” like being able to do the actions that allow you to raise your vibration to do a certain thing for your consciousness, or finding a pathway to your most rooted expression, or finding security in your body and so on. Please feel free to add questions to the YouTube video I share below.

In the December video I mention how this month is setting up the same- this only applies to how the phases lay out in regards to 1212 for the most part because this is more reliant on collective energy. There is also the contribution of the eclipse and Winter Solstice. The eclipse was just yesterday and it was a a lot energetically- but now I feel as if I am grounding & anchoring it. With Solstice I am feeling that it wont be as “heavy” but all of these things interact and flow at different rates so there’s no way to say everyone will feel it the same way, it truly depends on the body.

The focus is “attracting”-

What you want to do is this:
BEFORE December 10th give yourself ample time to get VERY CLEAR on the most simple version of your intention revolving around what you want to bring to you- attract- that is of importance to your soul.

ON the 10th do something or many things specifically towards what it is you are “asking for”- be VERY specific- outside of that take great care to come back to your intention whenever you are moving away from it- it’s a day, do the work. The 11th might be a bit bumpy so I recommend a way to “cope” (drink water, take shower, sweat by physical movement, eat light, nap) and on the 12th pay close attention to what your body is asking for- do those things as best as you can as well go repeatedly back to your intention- write a lot of it down. Meditation is key here as well- adding sound is a fantastic idea, something like a specific frequency for money or abundance. The next day, give yourself time for recovery if you need it, or you may feel extra vibed up- we are all very individual.

I have also been working out how to do this on a shorter time-frame-

and I am writing it up for the email list-
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Here is the December EnergyCast

Thank you for being here,

creative photo of person holding glass mason jar under a starry sky

December Energy Videos

The first video that comes out is a recap of sorts- actually I am thinking to rename it- because it is much more than a recap. It contains all kinds of information which revolves AROUND the energy of the previous month but is not limited to it in any way. In the above video you’ll notice that there are solutions that come up just while describing what went on, for example.
ULTIMATELY this is a 6 month thing- the recap video- and I will assess if it has any sustainable contribution at that time.

In the Preview or Forecast I go over the phases and how they seem to be landing as well as the dates for the moon phases and other things that I feel will take part in what is felt in the collective energy.
December’s general flow is very similar to November’s in regards to dates of moon phases and the collective response- HOWEVER we do have the addition of this eclipse and solstice, although there was an eclipse in November- This one landed in a very different way and we will be riding this through 12/12 and to Solstice which overshadows the other wavelength at times which makes it more challenging to navigate the physical world as well as locate the inner compass or mapping to stillpoint system. This is why so many people are saying to “watch out for the fire” because this will cause an uneasiness in many people and I am making an assumption that it will push on certain astrological aspects which will easily fire up many people’s systems. It is up to you as an individual to work this out by creating your boundaries within first which allows you to lessen unnecessary projections on the humans around you.

The ultimate goal being returning to your own intentions as often as possible until you do not feel the need to return- meaning, it never leaves your experience. I mean, honestly “it” never does- it’s just that we think it does as some kind of a hook into lack or unworthiness or reactionary response.

Please view the videos and let me know- as a coment on the youtube video- which things you would like me to include in the video for the end of this month and beginning of 2022

Thank you for being here…

Oil & Stone Subscription

Every Month YOU get the newest Roller

This is my newest addition to my offerings- so many people have told me that they love the oils I make I feel this is the best way to REALLY allow space for this offering to grow and I thank you for considering a subscription.

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When you click the below button you will be brought to a subscription page where you will see three main options- but the payment screen allows you to choose your monthly amount as low as $5. In order to get something physically in the mail for your monthly payment you have to put in the number I chose for a subscription or very close to it with the understanding that you will get the gift closest to your amount.
After it comes through the system- I manually add you to the chosen subscription and the email list.
Everyone can be on the email list and get on that part of the subscription though…


Often having a conversation is just what we need even if it’s about something outside of what we are working on because this is you showing up for yourself in a way that is most likely unique.
Sometimes you don’t even need to say ANYTHING for positive effects.

Join me (and some others) in


/as we explore the art of it/

Wednesday August 19 at 4pm pacific, sign up below. Free or donate.

The way this will go is as follows:

We will begin with a hello and a very simple breath exercise to unite to the group on our individual basis.

This is followed by me giving a short talk on the natural occurrence of “Quickening” along the spiritual path (which is VERY different than trying to RUSH anything).

I enjoy discussing the different ins and out of communication with our self and others- as well how to process without placing ourselves as a “victim” in the conversation in order to stay in the clarity zone. The personal connections you make within yourself when interacting with others have a tendency to act like a reaction in regards to defense- a habit some rarely move away from. WHILE the entire collective unconscious is going through daily shifts (these are quickening now which will bring MORE people into the shift by way of AGITATION)- this speed can take someone off guard which isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing although processing it can be a challenge AT FIRST depending on how on an individual level we see what is going on.

THIS may not be you- however the people around you are most likely beginning this shift or are about to.

It is time to drive the bus- are you aware of WHICH bus you are in?
Did you know that you already HAVE the keys?

The rest of the time is set up for us to converse- bring your journal, write questions ahead of time on the topic (& anything else) or pull from the notes you just wrote down.
You can also focus on listening-
OR send ME the questions and you can remain in the shadows-
ALL is beneficial and assists in growing intuitive abilities.

This is FREE or make a donation-> You do have to sign up though, follow this ->

Redefining Liminal Space

or how we use it.

The space in between has always held a special interest for me. For a while now, I wish I kept track of timing but I didn’t, I have been watching how I interact with the space in between during regular daily activities but this got thwarted by “the pandy” and it seemed as though everything was an “in between”- although not as if it was on hold, at least not for me, maybe it was for you.

I went through so much personal change that after a while there just wasn’t a way to connect to any thing that once was- oof that sounds more dramatic than it really was, although at the time it built up it’s own special dramatic existence- wait, where was I? RIGHT- nothing to cling to basically, which is all fine and dandy until you’re looking around your apartment thinking “how does this all ACTUALLY fit together?”. After asking the questions a gazillion times eventually I landed on the answer- DO THINGS… what are the things you HAVE to do? Make sure it’s not some programed thing- being very clear with myself I cut out everything kind of like you do when you are trying to figure out what food you are allergic to- it’s just that in THIS it wasn’t so much food, maybe some indulgences but in general it was more about HOW I said and did things, why and how I went to do whatever I was doing- how I was talking- YEAH as if I was a little allergic to my patterns- I mean, not helpful might as well cause me to sneeze. What I ended up with was building out from necessary things in my life and setting up certain transitional times- basically taking some control of the moments in between where my mind would idle or might just be spent not doing the right kind of nothing-

the liminal space and time.

Which caused me to REALLY focus on what the flow of my day was- OR if I took the idea to a smaller portion of my day, how I was setting myself up for a particular practice comes to mind, or how I completed it- what was happening IMMEDIATELY after.

Essentially this is what my online store is focusing on- those moments we might lose but can be highly beneficial if we catch them. What’s awesome about this is if you miss the moment it’s no big deal because it will come around again the next day or some other opportunity.

Redefining Liminal Space

I will be holding an online workshop on this topic in the next month.

In this workshop we will begin with some breathing exercises and a guided meditation. Once we complete that portion I will give a little talk on what we are working with and some approaches for your exploration and possible incorporation into your daily life.

At the end we will have time to ask questions, share and discuss expansion on any ideas that came up in the class. Daily journal use is highly encouraged for this practice.

(Watch out for a podcast on this as well)

For now, here are some things in the shop- the image below will click you through to see everything.