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TEMPORARY : if you would like to test out how I teach I am offering my first online classes very soon, follow this link and you can get an idea of what is happening and what to do if you’d like to join. I am offering a week (tues – sat) of “pay what you want” 11 am (here in sf) 40 minute classes so there’s enough time to try things out- there is a schedule coming after that.
ONLINE yoga WITH faern

For the sound tracks, you’ll want to click through & download them- save it, especially the top one- do whatever you do to keep things because this will go away soon, I have been gifting it since the album was created and I think it’s time to change.

These are made by Josh Sandifer and there is an entire album of it.
Here’s the link to the album-

These below, your gifts, are some that I have played in my classes for Savasana- they are specially made for me and are 10 minutes long while the ones on the album are 20.

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and just in case, here’s a short movement class

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and this is my most recent podcast episode

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There is new art on the “art by Faern” page as well