Mystic Messages

This special message is delivered to you by AUDIO- which is between 20 & 30 minutes in length Delivered to your email. Each session begins with an intuitively chosen breathing exercise. $22 extra for video

Mystic Messages are Intuitive Readings

a very unique experience, they are done remotely and work best with no question or inquiry for Spirit, but of course we can include something general for direction sake if you like. no matter what, a special divine message meant only for you is included.

Mystic Messages / Intuitive Readings

This is is 20-30 minute Intuitive Reading AUDIO RECORDED & sent to your email- with a deep intention to boost your life experience, assist you in bringing up self love and appreciation so that you can thrive in this body of yours.
The beginning portion has an intuitively chosen breath exercise.

Because of the nature of the connection- I can not say that you will hear exactly what you want to hear but I can guarantee that it will have a positive affect on your life. Often times you will be given suggestions to work with- feel free to send an email if you have questions. Please be as clear and as detailed as possible so that I can reconnect to the information and details easily as I do not keep your messages in my head- I am a conduit for the information so it is not stored, I can easily re-access it though. These suggestions revolve around stones and crystals, movement, breathing, meditation and so on.

*I am not doing readings on Sunday & Monday please keep this in mind when placing your order.
Your message will be delivered as soon as possible and within a week- you will be notified if there’s a long line up.

(everything is done in the order received.)
If you have a special need in regards to a date- please put a note in your order.

Purchase : $65.33
Audio (add $22 for video)

please no refunds on consultations and readings/messages- only re-scheduling