Body – Mind – Spirit

First before we begin I would like to thank you for receiving this experience with me.

This is a method or order of approach that I feel is overlooked due to it’s simplicity. It’s like “checks and balances” for the conscious expanding individual. Moving with the body then mind then spirit in order to integrate and access emotional intelligence as we master working with our personal energy to develop and increase our connection to source.

Why does any of this matter?

For the most part what happens is this- a person begins to realize they haven’t been living the life that is most beneficial to them and this turns into what we call ” an awakening” or I mostly call it an awakening time frame or period. During this time the human seeks out new ways of experiencing their life- but also takes apart what isn’t working and re-formulates how they see their life, a beginning to creating or re-creating themselves. The length of time is individual and this can happen more than one time- in fact I would say that it is rather common to have many, although there is also the possibility that none is sufficient.

In any experience set up- a method of personal approach is always helpful because for most people this is not exactly an easy process. A lot of emotions and memories come up and need to be worked with in an effective way for integration purposes. Even when we are participating in spiritual practices as designated by a teacher- it is still a very good idea to get an idea of discernment from the get-go in order to really see and fine tune how we work from the inside out- or the outside in.

This simple addition will help you through that process multiple times over.

3 questions to remember:

In the end we are looking for emotional integrity and the process which works best for us in the now– allowing for the practices to expand and contract along the way aiding in our shifting of perspective.

No matter what- these questions can be asked to assist meeting yourself where you are at…

1 How is this going to work with my body?
2 What is my mind going to do with it?
3 How does it assist in expanding my consciousness?

The chances are pretty high that the answers will feed into a different area than anticipated- but that’s ok, these things are working together and the more we try to plan it out the more challenging it is. The idea of control is something that will come up repeatedly as our ego has less and less to grasp onto in defense and we become more and more able to traverse our emotional ranges and come out the other end repeatedly with more understanding of how we experience and less understanding of what we think we need to know ahead of time.

At first there is this seeking of information in order to overturn our programming- but after some time, often years, the “need” to understand wanes and we get to flip the soil and know less. This may not sound appealing right off the bat- however I can tell you from personal experience, it is a relief, because we can’t even dream of what abundance is ahead- literally. The harder we try, the more we are attempting to control something that is already so exquisitely planned we don’t even have the bandwidth to create the ideas.

What we CAN do is create the space within us which provides for it to happen.

No matter which you choose you will end up going through all of them for one reason or another and they will lead you directly to the next. This is just the way it goes, no need to try and re-establish a set of reasons or methods when ultimately you end up right back here because this is where you meet yourself which is pretty much the point, no?

I like to look at it this way and you may too-
Imagine three overlapping circles.
They can overlap in any way because no matter what they are interacting-
if they all touch that’s obvious, but what if they stack?
UGH now you are thinking of a snowman, I never said anything about size of these circles,
that’s totally on you…

Anyhoo, they (the circles not the snowballs) pass energy to each other.

Which could look like a three section upside down hour glass or some other such thing
only currently found in a multiverse nearby as we don’t have the “use” for it here on earth.
How pray tell can an hourglass be upside down?
I do not know and we will just leave that as is for now- after all,
we are using our
(and that means those details do not matter).

ALL we need here, you and I, is an understanding that the circles pass energy to each other through each other in whatever direction and there’s not much we can really do about that. Sounds weird, I know, but this is extremely good news because it takes away this whole “guess work” thing. When a question arises on the spiritual / conscious development path it is a really good idea to take some time to really observe and witness how this is interacting with your life.

Here are some questions to begin with: Where does it have the most potential to have beneficial impact? Is this something I know how to work with? What direction is it pointing me in? How will I benefit? Is this something I want in my life? Where CAN I work with this?

The body is ultimately in charge it’s just that we like to think that it isn’t. Over time, we come back.
Movement is consciousness in action.

I like to say that we are consciousness driving a body through a spiritual experience we call life but I definitely did not begin my thought process here while Yoga Movement has given me the energy and momentum to stay with my practices as they developed because it gave me a very sound place to return to- something with some rules and discipline that within I was able to get to know my body and where I was emotionally. It is possible that you are not so sure you want to get to know your body based on limitations, I get that. I also think you may be surprised at what you find. You don’t have to approach with Yogasana (Yoga postures) although it is an ancient knowledge constantly being developed so be sure you really look into it.

Any physical based practice will aid you in getting started and in my opinion is essential- a daily walk, drinking more water, a breathing practice, jump rope. Honestly mixing it up is a good idea- although creating some kind of structure eventually is defiantly key. If you are going to go about mixing things up to seek out what you want to do- I suggest doing that at the same time every day or week and then when you find something stick to it for a designated amount of time. Keeping a journal is a great idea.

Understanding your goal is also an asset to pay attention to. For example, meeting yourself where you are at doesn’t mean allowing yourself to STAY where you are, it’s a beginning point. If you are wanting to become more loving to others in your life- you are going to want to notice what you currently ARE doing and how you can INCREASE. Understanding the value of your current state- without talking down at yourself for it.

The mind can turn anything into a practice or habit– link that with an overactive ego / nervous system and we are left with something very far from ease of expressing our actuality and accessing our heart center in order to do so. We cannot think our way into the heart. Depending on your specific life situation & personality- working with the mind will be very different than your neighbor. This is where things like discipline, emotional discourse, “shadow work”, habits & addictions come into play- all very unique to you and often require a bit of guidance.
One thing to keep an eye on is that the mind can feel as though it is attached to things- but that is our habit of interacting with those things. This is why if you put it aside enough times- if it is not important it just lets go.

Things you “need” to work on for your expansion don’t go away until you get the lesson, so to speak, once you figure out what to work on, “heal” as they say. The mind can be directed once you get a handle on habits, reactions and responses. Something you can do right away is start setting daily intentions before the mind is fully awake or falling asleep- train yourself to say an intention at those times and your mind will soften more readily when you come across whatever it is during the day. (See Hungry For Apples Podcast entitled: Setting Daily Intentions)

Pro-Tip: Intuition is the fast one, the stuff that comes after, all that extra thinking provided that. Doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a good idea, it’s just that when asking intuition a question (or source) the answer is fast like lightning.

“Spirit” in this case can be considered the bank account of emotional goodness- gold for when you need some backup

Another way I like to look at it is our interactions- how we interact with others is probably the only measurable growth in the consciousness realm and our “spirit” is how that is partially expressed. Yes of course there’s also SPIRIT which is SOURCE and well the best I can give you right now about that is just by interacting with ANY of this as an attempt to be more comfortable and loving IS connecting with that SPIRIT/SOURCE/GOD although this is going to look drastically different depending on your life and location- it is what it is.

But for now- this moment- take a quick view of how you got to reading this probably on your phone in your hand… did you walk by anyone right before, did you smile (well now with the whole mask thing this probably doesn’t work), did you say hello? grab the door and hold it open? perhaps you sent a quick email, did you ask that person how they are? was there a social media scowl session? These are the kind of things I mean- how you are BEING in your daily life to you and the people around you matters, a lot, if you are on this quest for – as they say “liberation” – I like “expansion” myself because I like earth, although it can be a bit questionable at times I don’t necessarily want to liberate myself from the whole thing and I might make the grand assumption (I like to not assume as a large part of my practice) that you don’t either otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right in this now.

When working from the three paths model (as referred to in the podcast below) ‘Body Mind Spirit’ is an effective order of approach when questions arise, because they absolutely will. What this means is if you are let’s say working with “Path of Energy” and you come across something new. In order to understand and integrate what you are learning it is helpful to approach with questions versus decisions and comparisons and see how your body responds.

What commonly happens is people have a seemingly non-spiritual reason to wind up in spiritual / consciousness / movement / awakening / practices… sadness, body pains, fear and so on which repeatedly appear so it is very helpful to have different ways to approach, even possibly required. One thing we don’t do, however, is go against any diagnosed physical ailment of any sort and we never ever go off of medications because of something someone “spiritual” said that one time.

This is why we take into account all of these pathways and entries- not only for aging gracefully, but so that when we can’t do something- for real- we replace that practice with something equally as effective.

Often the habit is to respond within a “familiarity” because this subsides the ego- however this is exactly why people end up repeating and working on practices they don’t actually need or miss something that could be very beneficial.

One thing to keep in mind-
you will never miss something you are meant to experience,
it just comes around again eventually all reliable and stuff…
but not on any kind of timing,
can’t have that or our ego structure
will morph into a skyscraper.

You know what? There’s a podcast episode you will want to hear that is related to this. It is more centered around three paths but they intertwine. Here, i’ll just put it right here-

1 How is this going to work with my body?
2 What is my mind going to do with it?
3 How does it assist in expanding my consciousness?