“Oil & Stone” package

Thank you!

You will receive something in the mail each month- as well something to your email, so please make sure you are getting these emails, reply to any with all questions and feedback you might have. These products are specially made, st home very small batch. The oils I send are made just for you- only if I make extra by accident do they end up in the shop. The meditation is also only yours- it is on a YouTube link but it’s a limited one. It would be super cool if you subscribed to my YouTube channel too.

Thank you again,

HERE is the schedule (although it does need some editing):

March: Salve
April: Oil (exclusive to supporters)
May: Sugar Scrub
June: Oil (exclusive to supporters)
July: Bath Salts (these can also be used for feet)
August: Muscle Balm
Sept: Oil (exclusive to supporters)
October: Salve
November: another type of scrub
December: Winter Transition Oil (think 1212)
January: Protection oil (think a prosperous new year)