Setting up Yoga at home

woman practicing yoga
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3 Guidance Calls

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Spiritual Guidance at home
Three calls where you get 1 on 1 support on your choice of the following. (details below)

Me teaching you how to set up your home Yoga practice

Refresh your outlook with 3 calls refining your focus and clearing your personal energy field

If you were to choose option #1

we will begin by email with just a couple questions (in order to focus the first call). On the first call we will talk more about how to set up and where- if you have these questions. Otherwise we will begin creating your ideal practice to begin with. After the 3rd call you will have your own order of poses written out to follow and you’ll know where in your home to practice, what you’ll need and when. You’ll also be given options to modify. This is intended for beginners.

If you were to choose option #2
We will begin by email with one question- and you telling me if you have any special needs energetically- that you have experience with. From here I create a personalized series of simple movements, breaths & pointed focus in order to bring awareness to a fresh look on life. By the third call you will have a birds eye view (so to speak) and some simple safe practices to incorporate into your day. What I guide you through will not be easily replicated as a series- but you will naturally incorporate some moves and breaths into your own practice, prayer or daily life…