Serenity Cycle – Blue & Green

The reason Serenity Cycle Album was created was because of a lack- a missing link in what Savasana could actually be and what was possible in the public studio setting.
Ideally these special sounds will fill a gap in your life as they have for many people- this gap is how sound effects us when given the chance.
Living in the city- many sounds fall into the background because we get used to them and they still are effecting us every day.
Giving yourself some time away from this is imperative- and sometimes fairly impossible feeling, this is why this album is for you, but not only you, there’s a special aspect with included frequencies in these creations that allow for a very special connection to other realms and levels of relaxation with ease.
Please click through to read about them from the artist himself (and hear samples)

Serenity Cycle – Blue & Green
Savasana and Meditation sounds by Josh Sandifer