OCTAVE with Faern

a new series of offerings intended to increase awareness around the note we sound. Below you can choose what you receive by deciding a monthly donation.

The ONLY by mail option right now
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Raise the octave you are interacting with, here’s an option for those of you wanting a cool thing in the mail:

OIL & STONE $21.21 includes shipping

I love to pair oils and stones or crystals so I created this as a possibility for you to enjoy as well. Instead of sending the oil only- monthly this turns into a lot- I have created natural ways to use the oils in order to share with you.

HERE is the schedule:

March: Salve
April: Oil (exclusive to supporters)
May: Sugar Scrub
June: Oil (exclusive to supporters)
July: Bath Salts (these can also be used for feet)
August: Muscle Balm
Sept: Oil (exclusive to supporters)
October: Salve
November: another type of scrub
December: Winter Transition Oil (think 1212)
January: Protection oil (think a prosperous new year)

ALL Subscribers receive the following regardless of monthly amount:

*A recorded Guided Meditation via email. This will be a less formal recording- very much in the moment in the form of a video. You will need to be on the email list and pay attention to it to get this- I may be in your spamola box.

*Discounts in the store.

*Discounts on my workshops

HERE’s a quick breakdown:

YOU can pay whatever you want- I mean, I think the system starts at $5 a month.

Please Note:
You will not receive something
in the mail

until you choose to put in

—$21.21 or above.

When you do- you get

“Oil & Stone”-> a monthly package in the mail of a carefully chosen Crystal or Stone paired with an EXCLUSIVE oil like the ones in the shop on another product made WITH the oil (see monthly schedule)

Monthly 1:1 Guided Breath and Energy Session PLUS “Oil & Stone” package