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Social Media Spiritual Psychosis + 2023 Wrap Up

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Thank you all for being a part of Spirits Path Podcast in 2023!
You hung in there with us as we moved through pandemonium and then changed the name, this means the world to us and our little production.

Tranquilizing Chair Benjamin Rush. Abstract:

In this episode Faern gives her interpretation of some pages in BE HERE NOW (starting on page 95) which directly apply to moving into a new zone of spiritual and emotional living. We understand how at this time there are terrible things happening on this planet- while at the exact same time the energetics of earth are practically being completely overhauled and are offering us a more sound and loving framework to exist from. Therein is the challenge of the spiritual being creating their lives in this present moment.

Near the end is a quick wrap up of the most popular episodes of the year and the most consistent cities of our wonderful listeners.

Thank You for being here,
Here’s to more love in