people sitting at the round table with wooden board

Why American Spiritualism?

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people sitting at the round table with wooden board
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📝 NOTE: this is the history of AMERICAN SPIRITUALISM not SPIRITUALITY at large.

Its a whole mountain of information and I didnt even get all the way to Helena Blavatsky as of yet. I started here because its important to understand where things come from and why certain language is used. The US was started by Puritans and this particular era in the 1800’s matches up with a lot of what we have on our current timeline. By seeking out this history I’m hopeful it can persuade people into taking more consideration with their spiritual quests and fully disengage from the oppression which is built into the system from the dirt and twigs up.

Over the last, I don’t know how many years anymore, I have been staring down New Age Spirituality as any kind of newness with a bit of allowance in order to attempt to be impartial, and it worked right up until I completed research for this episode. 

As someone who reveres the spiritual while also respects other peoples’ beliefs I am no longer caught in between and I am hopeful many others can find their path through. 

You see- I’m not coming from the same place as the people around me. There was never any clarity given to me in regard to religion as a young child. I had a choice- figure it out myself … or don’t. Not a single person in my family EVER said anything to me about higher power. Not one time. I had chosen to be away from spirituality even though I could feel the golden thread tugging for decades.

So, here we are.

Now what?