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Manifestation Mapping


Last month (November 2021) I shared a method of “manifestation mapping” for people to try out. It is pretty basic but very effective. The reasoning here was how we take advantage of the “extra energy” days. Once you are able to navigate these days you have the choice of adding in particular intentions and actions to assist you in staying on track and obtaining certain needed things. I use this term “things” loosely- I do have to point out that we are working with energy here and it really only works when applying it to “important things” like being able to do the actions that allow you to raise your vibration to do a certain thing for your consciousness, or finding a pathway to your most rooted expression, or finding security in your body and so on. Please feel free to add questions to the YouTube video I share below.

In the December video I mention how this month is setting up the same- this only applies to how the phases lay out in regards to 1212 for the most part because this is more reliant on collective energy. There is also the contribution of the eclipse and Winter Solstice. The eclipse was just yesterday and it was a a lot energetically- but now I feel as if I am grounding & anchoring it. With Solstice I am feeling that it wont be as “heavy” but all of these things interact and flow at different rates so there’s no way to say everyone will feel it the same way, it truly depends on the body.

The focus is “attracting”-

What you want to do is this:
BEFORE December 10th give yourself ample time to get VERY CLEAR on the most simple version of your intention revolving around what you want to bring to you- attract- that is of importance to your soul.

ON the 10th do something or many things specifically towards what it is you are “asking for”- be VERY specific- outside of that take great care to come back to your intention whenever you are moving away from it- it’s a day, do the work. The 11th might be a bit bumpy so I recommend a way to “cope” (drink water, take shower, sweat by physical movement, eat light, nap) and on the 12th pay close attention to what your body is asking for- do those things as best as you can as well go repeatedly back to your intention- write a lot of it down. Meditation is key here as well- adding sound is a fantastic idea, something like a specific frequency for money or abundance. The next day, give yourself time for recovery if you need it, or you may feel extra vibed up- we are all very individual.

I have also been working out how to do this on a shorter time-frame-

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Here is the December EnergyCast

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