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I started a series on my YouTube (please subscribe to it if you aren’t already) where I am doing “Walk & Talk” videos discussing what it’s like BEING human right now and how to function going forward, in a sense. It is an open conversation, although it is basically all my ideas right now.

Ideally it becomes more of a conversation- for now though, I am enjoying making them. I’d love it if you’d check them out and let me know if they are insightful to you in some way- or if you have any input as far as successes in creating any of the things I have brought up.

This is the first one, they really are meant to be heard in order- although I do “recap” in a way, I am not doing that for the most common reasons and this isn’t really a great representation of what has been said. I am doing my best to stay around ten minutes- isn’t that a good length?

The plan here for this blog, is for me to “say more” when I have the ability to do so. It is interesting how it’s so easy to drop something onto social media but for some reason much more challenging to put things here on my very own website. For ME that is going to be one of my steps in arranging my “offering” so to speak (when you watch the videos that will make more sense). At the time that I am writing this- I still have a couple videos to get onto YouTube and then I want to make shorter ones as I have been doing- but energetically there’s going to be a necessary break coming, I can feel it approaching. This will simply shift anything- which is why I haven’t yet created a schedule of these yet- meaning 3 a week or 1 a week on Wednesdays- because I cannot say as of yet what is possible. Right now I am just looking to catch up this blog to the TikTok & the YouTube or rather catch them all up to each other. I know, sounds confusing but there’s a point to this…. I am looking to provide free online classes on certain topics which I will load to YouTube and all the supporting info will end up here- well, the video will too.

If you are interested in any of the things I am talking about in the videos- follow me on TikTok, Subscribe to the YouTube and get on my email list- you can find all of that here->

LinkInBio for Faern

here’s video 2 (even though it says video 1)

Thank you for reading, come back soon.