Set It In Motion.

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11 Day Embodiment Experiment

Give yourself something new to do-

EXPERIMENT with your personal energy and how it interacts with the energy AROUND you.


is an 11 day Quantum Abundance Experiment where you aren’t

the “pay off” is a method to mix up the energy just enough to
set something new in motion- whether it be subtle or large-

If you learn HOW this works for you and your body you will be able to master so many more things associated with ideals like MANIFESTATION and all that jazz.

What I have noticed in trying these “challenges” that it’s better in short spurts- but if it’s TOO short it doesn’t land. But even with keeping that in mind- when it comes to your energy sheath or body- I am finding many people attempting to manipulate this without an understanding of how to deconstruct their attachment to the outcome.

The ONLY way I have found to begin a basic authentic communication with it is to do something not logical coupled with some intentional writing + action. This is EXACTLY where this SET IT IN MOTION challenge came from.

I am going to give you all of the instructions, in a nutshell, below. HOWEVER if you want guidance in the form of prompts for the 11 days with some meditations mixed in- sign up for the challenge right here->

HERE’S how it will go…
Day 1- Write out desired reality. Be very complete. More info in email. Cut it up, put it aside. You will want to get a small bowl or jar to keep these in until day 11

Days 2 to 10- Cut 5 strips of paper per day. Each day write something new you want in your life- don’t try and remember what you previously put down. Put these aside with day 1’s scraps. Email’s have more suggestions.

Day 11- In meditation see about 5 things you can do to bring today’s you closer to the you in the jar and make a commitment. Then do something with the scraps. Details in emails

SIGN UP for all the prompts which go along with the MOON PHASES and with the current energy, cause that’s how I roll… YEAH this is FREE, grab it before I change my mind.

New subscribers will need to check their email to confirm their subscription.

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