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What Brings Me Joy

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“This week on Spirits Path Podcast I mentioned that I wold share some of the things that bring me joy”

I wrote that before October 7- and since then I have deleted this post numerous times. I couldn’t quite grasp the sentiment I was initially inspired by. Which is doubly interesting because the podcast episode is about GRIEF being good. Here I am sometime in January of 2024 deciding I have to finish what I started- but from a new space. You just read the bridge, did it work?

The new space is this: I am here to experience and share the highly energetic portions of my lived experience and I have been shirking my responsibilities because I have been sheltering from it. I detached from the reason I detached or in other words became so attached to detachment that I needed to be reminded of my job, so to speak, here on their earthly plane. I have been playing it easy, simple with the most nonchalance I almost forgot how to live. I definitely forgot what I like- or rather I never gave my “newer” self the time to figure it out.
So per usual the universe provided and now after a couple injuries, some random illness and a couple of huge changes I am locked in and ready to roll. In order to get everything going I am planning a lot of physical maneuvering with Josh in the next year and its going to be a lot of unexpectedness in the best possible way. This is directly connected to creating that space of providing from. More about that another time.
For now, this has to do with how we all treat each other.

The most honest place to begin is with myself.

Treat yourself BETTER

Our new motto- YOU and I. For the next few months. Visit me on TikTok to connect- leave a comment on a video about this blog post.

Here are some things that bring me joy- below is the podcast episode I mentioned above.

Grieving is an inherent aspect of the human condition. It is a vital process through which we acknowledge and deal with loss, whether it’s the end of a relationship, the passing of a loved one, or any other significant departure from our lives. Grief allows us the space to confront our sorrow, to understand its depths, and to pay tribute to the significance of our losses. Recognizing the importance of grief is thus recognizing the depth of our capacities for love and attachment.

However, the cautionary note in the statement, “Grieving Is Good, but not if we get ahead of ourselves,” touches on the concept of anticipatory grief—mourning a loss before it actually occurs. The natural order of grieving can be disrupted by anticipating our sadness and letting it overshadow our present realities. This can create a shadow of apprehension and anxiety, potentially robbing us of the ability to appreciate the present and to live fully in the moment.

To grieve before loss has occurred can seem like a self-protective mechanism, an attempt to buffer the shock we fear. But such pre-emptive grief often does not spare us pain; instead, it can prolong it, extend the emotional challenges, and sometimes even magnify the eventual impact of the loss.

Importantly, grieving must not be allowed to become an end in itself. It is not the destination but part of a journey—a painful yet necessary path we walk towards healing and acceptance. Our adaptive strength is shown in our ability to navigate this process without becoming mired in ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes,’ focusing instead on the tangible, the here and now, with a cautious eye towards the future.

In essence, while grief is a natural and healthy response to loss, it must be traversed thoughtfully. We are reminded to stay present, to face each day as it comes, and to avoid plunging into the depths of sorrow before its time. That way, when grief does arrive, we can engage with it authentically, fully experiencing its pangs but also leaving room for recovery, growth, and eventual renewal.

In this upbeat episode, Faern shares insights from her own journey of embracing change and finding growth through grief. She believes in the power of open dialogue about the emotional dance of grieving, mourning, sadness, and anger. Faern suggests that proactively discussing these emotional states can foster understanding and resilience. She argues that our society often keeps the grieving process shrouded in secrecy, which can hinder emotional development, particularly in younger people. Join Faern as she sheds light on the subject, offering a message of hope and empowerment for navigating life’s challenging moments.

While it is happening- you might be looking out at the world from a very difficult place and it most likely does not feel good at all- remember injuries cause pain and in healing that broken bone it hurts too. It is the same for emotional aspects of living.

It might not feel this way right now, but, grief is good as long as you don’t leave yourself hanging.
Listen in and let us know your questions when you are ready.
Thank you for being here!

Big Love from Spirits Path…

HERE is the episode

Thanks for listening!