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New Podcast Episode: A Place To Return To No Matter Where You Are

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It is impossible to ignore that the world is in much more of a state of duress than the average person should be able to realize.  Simply put, it is impossible for one single person to HOLD all of THAT and still maintain themselves.
Furthermore- we here at Spirits Path Podcast do not think anyone should have to while at the exact same time do not believe any part of it should be blindly ignored.

Where then does this leave us as individuals?
That is what Faern is offering us today- YOU as an INDIVIDUAL absolutely must have a place within yourself to return to because this big picture is going to get worse before it gets better.
How long this takes is up to us.
Tune into who you are, what you are doing and why. See what you can shift today.

In this episode Faern mentions the last episode called  ‘”Lackmind” In Hard Times’  found HERE. She also points out the series on intentions. If you click HERE you will be brought to the blog on her website where the series is all together on one post. Finally the affirmations episode and PDF can be found HERE.

Thank you for spending time with us on the path.