View of the entire near-infrared sky

Philosophies & Theories Are Meant To be helpful

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View of the entire near-infrared sky
View of the entire near-infrared sky by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

In this Spirits Path Podcast episode Faern returns to defining DOGMA and how when philosophy becomes dogmatic it is inherently unhelpful. To her it is looking like a major source of confusion comes from the limitations often created in translation mixed with people needing to HAVE THE ANSWER so badly or something of the sort. (Our previous episode has more on this). 
All in All it is important to develop discernment when adding anything into your spiritual practices on your path because there is always another layer of energy we may not have a direct view of but we are ALWAYS interacting within it. Some practices do expire as well- which on one hand could mean no one is paying attention to it, and on the other hand it ran its course and people will benefit from leaving it behind now.
It’s much more important to take care of your “container” during these abrupt changes on the planet.

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Polar Mesospheric Clouds at Orbital Sunrise (NASA, International Space Station Science, 06/16/10)

How We Perceive Energy Is Changing

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Desert Patterns
Desert Patterns by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

This week Faern is talking with us about ENERGY but specifically about the electromagnetic shifts we are receiving from pulses off the sun. Combine this with solar flares, Wars, societal movements and personal emotional states over an extended amount of time and what we get is another big shift.

EVERYONE is starting to FEEL and express the sensations in one way or another.

The insightful thoughts presented by Faern suggest a monumental transformation on the horizon, one that is poised to reshape our collective perception and societal norms. Imagine a world where the prevalent discussions just a few years back were mindful of shifting from intellectual musings to heartfelt interactions. The narrative has evolved significantly since then, heralding a new era where existence is predicated on a profound, energetic connection to the Divine.

Such a shift speaks volumes about the progress in collective consciousness. It’s indicative of a paradigmatic leap from the tangible to the intangible, from the known to the mysterious unfoldment of spiritual realms. If we contemplate this progression, it stands as a testament to humanity’s insatiable quest for deeper meaning and understanding.

To flesh out the implications of this shift: as individuals and as a collective, we are on the verge of not only recognizing, but fully embracing, our innate connection to a greater force. We are elevating dialogue from the physical realm to a metaphysical discourse. This isn’t just an ephemeral trend but a potent transformation that could redefine our values, our beliefs, and the fabric of our society as a whole.

As we hurtle towards this fascinating future, it pays to consider how ready we are for this change. How prepared are we to accept and integrate these profound truths into our daily lives? Faern’s vision suggests that this is not a marginal shift but a comprehensive overhaul of our existential understanding—a leap into a space where the heart and the head are mere waypoints in the journey towards spiritual union with the cosmic essence.

Thanks for listening, and for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts with you. Your engagement and understanding make a world of difference. It’s exchanges like these that enrich our conversations and foster a deeper sense of connection. I am grateful for the time you’ve set aside to consider my perspective, and I’m eager to continue this dialogue in the future. Once more, thank you for being an attentive and thoughtful listener.

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Numerology Basics : Life Path Number

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Happy 2024 everyone!

With the intention of starting on a light hearted note Faern shares with us a little bit about numerology and it’s history.
She also tells you how to calculate your Life Path Number.
Visit THIS POST on TikTok for more about the Life Path Number and for you to participate in the conversation by entering your number as a comment on the post- Faern said she would add a positive trait or aspect of your number- take her up on it!

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Social Media Spiritual Psychosis + 2023 Wrap Up

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Thank you all for being a part of Spirits Path Podcast in 2023!
You hung in there with us as we moved through pandemonium and then changed the name, this means the world to us and our little production.

Tranquilizing Chair Benjamin Rush. Abstract:

In this episode Faern gives her interpretation of some pages in BE HERE NOW (starting on page 95) which directly apply to moving into a new zone of spiritual and emotional living. We understand how at this time there are terrible things happening on this planet- while at the exact same time the energetics of earth are practically being completely overhauled and are offering us a more sound and loving framework to exist from. Therein is the challenge of the spiritual being creating their lives in this present moment.

Near the end is a quick wrap up of the most popular episodes of the year and the most consistent cities of our wonderful listeners.

Thank You for being here,
Here’s to more love in

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Avoid Getting Lost In Media

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Vintage television png sticker, utility

In this episode, we delve deep into the importance of mindfulness and self-awareness in times of overwhelming global unrest and transformation. As the world undergoes a phase that could be described as “off the charts,” it’s imperative that we maintain a sense of inner balance and react with intention.

At Spirits Path Podcast, we’re acutely aware of the difficulties that those who are spiritually attuned or energy-sensitive may face during such tumultuous periods. The current global climate is saturated with a unique combination of influences – we’re witnessing an intersection of historical events, energetic shifts, spiritual awakenings, and humanitarian crises, unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

In light of these challenges, we’re dedicating this episode to share insights and strategies to help you navigate these times with grace and resilience. By anchoring ourselves in the light of faith, love, and hope, we recognize the power within us to not only withstand but to actively disseminate positive change and healing.

We encourage listening with an open heart and mind, as we explore ways to preserve our spiritual well-being. Our conversation aims to empower you to become a beacon of light, spreading vibrations of peace and positivity into the world. Let’s embark on this journey together, inspiring one another to rise above the chaos and manifest a reality anchored in harmony and understanding.

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What Brings Me Joy

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selective focus photo of flowers
Photo by GM Rajib on

“This week on Spirits Path Podcast I mentioned that I wold share some of the things that bring me joy”

I wrote that before October 7- and since then I have deleted this post numerous times. I couldn’t quite grasp the sentiment I was initially inspired by. Which is doubly interesting because the podcast episode is about GRIEF being good. Here I am sometime in January of 2024 deciding I have to finish what I started- but from a new space. You just read the bridge, did it work?

The new space is this: I am here to experience and share the highly energetic portions of my lived experience and I have been shirking my responsibilities because I have been sheltering from it. I detached from the reason I detached or in other words became so attached to detachment that I needed to be reminded of my job, so to speak, here on their earthly plane. I have been playing it easy, simple with the most nonchalance I almost forgot how to live. I definitely forgot what I like- or rather I never gave my “newer” self the time to figure it out.
So per usual the universe provided and now after a couple injuries, some random illness and a couple of huge changes I am locked in and ready to roll. In order to get everything going I am planning a lot of physical maneuvering with Josh in the next year and its going to be a lot of unexpectedness in the best possible way. This is directly connected to creating that space of providing from. More about that another time.
For now, this has to do with how we all treat each other.

The most honest place to begin is with myself.

Treat yourself BETTER

Our new motto- YOU and I. For the next few months. Visit me on TikTok to connect- leave a comment on a video about this blog post.

Here are some things that bring me joy- below is the podcast episode I mentioned above.

Grieving is an inherent aspect of the human condition. It is a vital process through which we acknowledge and deal with loss, whether it’s the end of a relationship, the passing of a loved one, or any other significant departure from our lives. Grief allows us the space to confront our sorrow, to understand its depths, and to pay tribute to the significance of our losses. Recognizing the importance of grief is thus recognizing the depth of our capacities for love and attachment.

However, the cautionary note in the statement, “Grieving Is Good, but not if we get ahead of ourselves,” touches on the concept of anticipatory grief—mourning a loss before it actually occurs. The natural order of grieving can be disrupted by anticipating our sadness and letting it overshadow our present realities. This can create a shadow of apprehension and anxiety, potentially robbing us of the ability to appreciate the present and to live fully in the moment.

To grieve before loss has occurred can seem like a self-protective mechanism, an attempt to buffer the shock we fear. But such pre-emptive grief often does not spare us pain; instead, it can prolong it, extend the emotional challenges, and sometimes even magnify the eventual impact of the loss.

Importantly, grieving must not be allowed to become an end in itself. It is not the destination but part of a journey—a painful yet necessary path we walk towards healing and acceptance. Our adaptive strength is shown in our ability to navigate this process without becoming mired in ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes,’ focusing instead on the tangible, the here and now, with a cautious eye towards the future.

In essence, while grief is a natural and healthy response to loss, it must be traversed thoughtfully. We are reminded to stay present, to face each day as it comes, and to avoid plunging into the depths of sorrow before its time. That way, when grief does arrive, we can engage with it authentically, fully experiencing its pangs but also leaving room for recovery, growth, and eventual renewal.

In this upbeat episode, Faern shares insights from her own journey of embracing change and finding growth through grief. She believes in the power of open dialogue about the emotional dance of grieving, mourning, sadness, and anger. Faern suggests that proactively discussing these emotional states can foster understanding and resilience. She argues that our society often keeps the grieving process shrouded in secrecy, which can hinder emotional development, particularly in younger people. Join Faern as she sheds light on the subject, offering a message of hope and empowerment for navigating life’s challenging moments.

While it is happening- you might be looking out at the world from a very difficult place and it most likely does not feel good at all- remember injuries cause pain and in healing that broken bone it hurts too. It is the same for emotional aspects of living.

It might not feel this way right now, but, grief is good as long as you don’t leave yourself hanging.
Listen in and let us know your questions when you are ready.
Thank you for being here!

Big Love from Spirits Path…

HERE is the episode

Thanks for listening!

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New Podcast Episode: A Place To Return To No Matter Where You Are

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back view of a person standing on a vast green grass field
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It is impossible to ignore that the world is in much more of a state of duress than the average person should be able to realize.  Simply put, it is impossible for one single person to HOLD all of THAT and still maintain themselves.
Furthermore- we here at Spirits Path Podcast do not think anyone should have to while at the exact same time do not believe any part of it should be blindly ignored.

Where then does this leave us as individuals?
That is what Faern is offering us today- YOU as an INDIVIDUAL absolutely must have a place within yourself to return to because this big picture is going to get worse before it gets better.
How long this takes is up to us.
Tune into who you are, what you are doing and why. See what you can shift today.

In this episode Faern mentions the last episode called  ‘”Lackmind” In Hard Times’  found HERE. She also points out the series on intentions. If you click HERE you will be brought to the blog on her website where the series is all together on one post. Finally the affirmations episode and PDF can be found HERE.

Thank you for spending time with us on the path.