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Refine Your Energy: A How To Begin Episode On Spirits Path Podcast

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In this week’s engaging episode, listeners are invited to embark on an enriching journey into the realm of energy refinement techniques with the guidance of the esteemed Faern. This installment provides an accessible entry point for novices who are taking the first steps towards understanding and controlling their personal energy. Yet, it remains an invaluable resource for the seasoned practitioner, presenting opportunities to refine and perfect their existing skills.

Faern, a renowned expert in the field, eloquently reveals the profound joy and critical significance of mastering one’s energetic flow. Emphasizing that this mastery is not merely a personal triumph but also a boon to the collective, Faern’s insights resonate on a universal level. Through this episode, listeners will learn about three straightforward but incredibly potent steps to kick-start a practice of energetic “hygiene.”

By dedicating themselves to these practices, individuals can expect to experience a comprehensive nourishment of their entire being. This nurturing extends beyond the self, as the improved energy hygiene also has a ripple effect, enhancing the lives of those we encounter daily. Moreover, as Faern suggests, these practices lay the groundwork for what promises to be the most remarkable following chapter in one’s life.

Listeners will emerge with a clarified sense of purpose and the tools needed to maintain a resonant energy field, all while contributing positively to the universal energy grid. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your current practices or establish a new routine, this episode offers the wisdom and encouragement to take that pivotal step forward.

On To Energy Refinement!
Keep Listening.

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Exciting news! We’ve made a bold move and rebranded the podcast!

I’m thrilled to share the exciting news with you. The podcast has undergone a fantastic transformation and is now known as the captivating “Spirits Path Podcast.” We cordially invite you to embark on this incredible journey with us and explore thought-provoking episodes available across various podcast platforms. Feel free to tune in and get inspired! Here’s the link to access the show. Thank you for listening!

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The Yogic Approach (Part 4): The Yamas

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This is part 4 of our ongoing series called
The Yogic Approach

Today we are focused on The Yamas as described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The “backbone” of Yoga Philosophy- restraints.

Faern walks us through the basics of what these are, how we can look at their knowledge and apply it to our lives. She also looks into the word Yama and shares with us some simple insights from connecting the two.

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Are You Avoiding Joy?

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Have you ever actually considered something like that?

“Things that can bring you the fullest joy are possibly being actively avoided”
– Faern

It’s one thing to be generally happy and go through the day to day but it’s a whole other thing to realize you have been simply overlooking what may bring you the fulfillment you ponder as being missing.

That is what this episode is about-
Our host Faern takes us through a personal experience revolving around re-learning how to find joyful things in her life.

The Yogic Approach returns next week with the Yammas

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The Yogic Approach (Part 3): The Kleshas

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Have you ever wondered how to rid yourself of all the ways you unconsciously react to life experiences?

Before you do that you have to know what they are and how they came to be such a large part of how you perceive the world around you. One way to do that is to get an idea of how ignorance or obstacles appear from within.
Today we are looking at The Kleshas in part 3 of our Yogic Approach series. The Kleshas, when put simply, are precisely this breakdown.
Give a listen and see for yourself if they come through in your daily life.

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HamSa Meditation on Hungry for Apples Podcast

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This episode begins with Faern giving us a basic explanation on how we can use the idea of  ‘entrainment’ and how we already do naturally in our daily lives and practices.

We then move into a Guided HamSa Meditation and Breathing Practice.
We already learned SoHum last year- which is very similar and to some might even seem the same but given some time and attention one will call you deeper within yourself. Neither is more valid than the other- in fact the difference in the spelling is Sanskrit grammar- not any hierarchy, but honestly they FEEL different from each other.
Test them out and get back to us.

The intention of the meditation is taking part with ‘entrainment‘, testing the waters, so to speak. This simple meditation is very profound- Faern suggests trying it on your own at different times of day and lengths of time
This type of Meditation is focus building as well as calming.

This is a very good place to begin with meditation practices but it is also a quintessential experience many people return to over years and years if not their whole lifetime. {Same with SoHum}

Yoga for Beginners Series : info

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and what it’s all about

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On Hungry for Apples Podcast I am offering a series entitled “The Yogic Approach”. So far there are two episodes – I am putting them out every other week. Although I am not EXACTLY sure if there will be a special holiday schedule. There doesn’t seem to be one emerging and we are already knee deep but there may be a week missed somewheres in there. ANYHOO what was I saying – right, the Yoga for Beginners series on the podcast is called The Yogic Approach because I am offering the topics as they relate to each other, which is not necessarily going to be in the same order as my Yoga for Beginners online classes. They will be reference material- or at least the beginning of it. I feel as though it is important to have a variety of materials available and I find that the podcast format suits me very well- I highly suggest you downloading a podcast app and getting used to using it (DEFINITELY subscribe to Hungry For Apples Podcast while you’re at it). I am telling you this because the audio episodes will always have more going on in them than the videos which I am making- no matter which platform you see them on.


I will be expanding on what I go over in the episode- NOT going over the episode- that would be silly, no one would ever listen to it. If you are considering working with me for an Intuitive Embrace Monthly Session- ALL of these posts will help you a lot. But of course- none of this is required in ANY way to do those months, there is no test. It works best in fact if you allow yourself to see where you NATURALLY GRAVITATE towards. When it comes up- I am there to answer your questions. This applies to the journaling, the book list, any suggested video and all that. Give yourself a chance to peruse the topics on this website, the podcast, the YouTube and suggested books, teachings, recordings etc. It is a WORLD of information.

here are some episodes from
“the Yogic Approach” on
hungry for Apples podcast

I will create posts on for the Beginners Yoga series which draw these ideas together in relation to what we are working on. If this is interesting to you- stay tuned.

First we have a discussion on the two basic ways to look at the Yoga practice

Then we look at the question “Where to begin- Yoga or Meditation?”

and then we have part 2 of “The Yogic Approach” where we go over the basics of “The 8 Limb Path”

Thank You for making it down to the bottom!