Spirits Path Podcast Episode – DIMENSIONS: WHAT Do They Mean In Spirituality?

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We are in a very large collective shift which is bringing a lot of people into the spiritual paradigm and there’s also an influx of information which is not necessarily described in a very clear way.
Have you been curious about why people are saying 3D 4D 5D? Have you been recently confused by the New Age approach to explaining our earthly existence?

Faern simplifies one of the most mis presented popular concepts in the current spiritual context: DIMENSIONS

What is meant by dimensional reality?
How can we learn from it?
Is 5d a place you go?

Give a listen and let us know what you think!

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Why American Spiritualism?

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đź“ť NOTE: this is the history of AMERICAN SPIRITUALISM not SPIRITUALITY at large.

Its a whole mountain of information and I didnt even get all the way to Helena Blavatsky as of yet. I started here because its important to understand where things come from and why certain language is used. The US was started by Puritans and this particular era in the 1800’s matches up with a lot of what we have on our current timeline. By seeking out this history I’m hopeful it can persuade people into taking more consideration with their spiritual quests and fully disengage from the oppression which is built into the system from the dirt and twigs up.

Over the last, I don’t know how many years anymore, I have been staring down New Age Spirituality as any kind of newness with a bit of allowance in order to attempt to be impartial, and it worked right up until I completed research for this episode. 

As someone who reveres the spiritual while also respects other peoples’ beliefs I am no longer caught in between and I am hopeful many others can find their path through. 

You see- I’m not coming from the same place as the people around me. There was never any clarity given to me in regard to religion as a young child. I had a choice- figure it out myself … or don’t. Not a single person in my family EVER said anything to me about higher power. Not one time. I had chosen to be away from spirituality even though I could feel the golden thread tugging for decades.

So, here we are.

Now what?

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Spirits Path Podcast Episode : The Early History of American Spiritualism

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This week we have the beginning of an interesting history series on American Spiritualism. This episode covers the earliest portion of this vast timeline of events beginning from the philosophical root. Faern’s interest in this as of NOW since she did more research is in how similar the time periods are ( then & now). See the following blog post for more on why this topic is so important to her.

Spirits Path Podcast Episode : Spring “Eclipse Window” Tips

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In this episode, Faern provides the schedule for this year’s eclipses and offers guidance on how to navigate the current Eclipse Window, building on the advice given in the last episode.

Additionally, she explains why the energy during this period feels more intense and discusses other significant events coinciding with the eclipse on April 8th, which she believes will especially affect those who are physically sensitive.

This episode is packed with information, and we’re eager to hear what you think. Please share your thoughts with us via email; you’ll find the address in the episode.

Podcast Episode: Spring Equinox in an 8 Year “Prep”

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Flowers spring season; as shown

Spirits Path Podcast is proud to share with you this “prep” for the upcoming equinox and the months to follow.

This Spring Equinox in an 8 Year Prep episode is a little longer than the others because there are specific tips at the end which Faern thinks are the most important for this upcoming time period.
YES Spring Equinox is technically a day or even a moment HOWEVER the energy of this phase is exponential in value and extends much further than the exact scientific timing of the equinox.

In this detailed episode, the host Faern delves into the mystical aspects surrounding the 2024 Spring Equinox, providing a rich and intuitive perspective on this celestial event. She unravels the significance of the number 8 in the context of numerology, explaining how this year, being an ‘8 year,’ is associated with themes of power, responsibility, and inner strength.

Building on this numerological framework, Faern engages with the current cosmic energetics, describing how these forces are expected to influence and enhance the Equinox experience. She talks about the balance between light and dark as the sun crosses the celestial equator, marking the moment of equal day and night, and correlates this with the internal balance each of us might strive for during this time.

Listeners can expect to gain insights into how to harness the energies of the 8 year to manifest personal ambitions and how the Equinox can act as a catalyst for this process. Faern’s intuitive messaging serves as a guide for navigating the upcoming transition with grace and a better understanding of the potential opportunities that this period holds.

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Refine Your Energy: A How To Begin Episode On Spirits Path Podcast

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black smoke coming from fire
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In this week’s engaging episode, listeners are invited to embark on an enriching journey into the realm of energy refinement techniques with the guidance of the esteemed Faern. This installment provides an accessible entry point for novices who are taking the first steps towards understanding and controlling their personal energy. Yet, it remains an invaluable resource for the seasoned practitioner, presenting opportunities to refine and perfect their existing skills.

Faern, a renowned expert in the field, eloquently reveals the profound joy and critical significance of mastering one’s energetic flow. Emphasizing that this mastery is not merely a personal triumph but also a boon to the collective, Faern’s insights resonate on a universal level. Through this episode, listeners will learn about three straightforward but incredibly potent steps to kick-start a practice of energetic “hygiene.”

By dedicating themselves to these practices, individuals can expect to experience a comprehensive nourishment of their entire being. This nurturing extends beyond the self, as the improved energy hygiene also has a ripple effect, enhancing the lives of those we encounter daily. Moreover, as Faern suggests, these practices lay the groundwork for what promises to be the most remarkable following chapter in one’s life.

Listeners will emerge with a clarified sense of purpose and the tools needed to maintain a resonant energy field, all while contributing positively to the universal energy grid. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your current practices or establish a new routine, this episode offers the wisdom and encouragement to take that pivotal step forward.

On To Energy Refinement!
Keep Listening.

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Hubble Snares Bevy of Shimmering Stars

Age Of Aquarius

Hubble Snares Bevy of Shimmering Stars
Hubble Snares Bevy of Shimmering Stars by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius is an exhilarating prospect, brimming with potential for innovation and a collective quest for deeper understanding. The conversation about its onset is as varied as the stars in the sky, with some aligning it with the end of Kalyug. Yet, there’s an amusing twist to this cosmic debate—it often feels like we’re trying to compare the mystical to the mythical, Aquarius to Kalyug, which is not unlike trying to compare apples to oranges.

Rather than being swept up in this whirlpool of cosmic conjecture, it’s essential to realize that such debates might just be a cosmic dance that’s keeping us from the real movement—the pirouette into our most enlightened selves. This back and forth about who’s “right” and who’s “wrong” might just be a tricky distraction, a cosmic can-can that keeps dividing us when we’re meant to conga in unity!

Free fire light abstract image

Sure, the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows; there’s a fair share of not-so-great things out there. But this is the dance of light and shadow, a ballet of balance that’s timeless. Instead of getting caught up in the spectacle from the audience, it’s about time we jump onto the stage and see what’s going on behind the scenes.

The Age of Aquarius is like the ultimate encore, one that craves change and whispers promises of a sweeter future. We’re solo artists right now, but we’re gearing up to join a grand ensemble—the Golden Community that’s more harmonious than a symphony.

Strap in, though, because this is a grand production that won’t just wrap up after a couple of acts—it’s an epic saga that will unfold over years. And every time we dilly-dally or get cold feet, we’re basically pressing pause on the universe’s remote control.

Crystal ball

Some of us have been chilling in this intermission for a while. But remember, that’s just the time to read the program, not the time when solutions come parading down the aisle. As we enter this new age, we’re going to find that community isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s essential. Yet, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and pitch in—community’s a team sport, not a spectator one.

With every word now carrying more weight than ever, let’s make sure our language is as positive and energetic as a cheerleader’s chant. And yes, while there may be a few dark clouds cast over the coming era, think of them as just needing a bit of silver lining—and you’ve got the sparkle.

So, let’s embrace this cosmic call to action with a light heart and a hopeful spirit. The final act of this worldly play is before us, and it looks like we’re all in line for the best roles yet. Now is the time to leap into that finale with a beam in our step and a shine in our souls.

The curtain’s rising—are you ready to shine?