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The Art of Intention is a captivating 3-part series on Spirits Path Podcast. It provides a framework for writing and utilizing intentions effectively. Learn how to craft powerful intentions, apply them to manifest your goals, and create a supportive environment for success. Tune in and unlock the transformative power of intention.

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NEW Podcast is HERE!

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Exciting news! We’ve made a bold move and rebranded the podcast!

I’m thrilled to share the exciting news with you. The podcast has undergone a fantastic transformation and is now known as the captivating “Spirits Path Podcast.” We cordially invite you to embark on this incredible journey with us and explore thought-provoking episodes available across various podcast platforms. Feel free to tune in and get inspired! Here’s the link to access the show. Thank you for listening!

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Set It In Motion.

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11 Day Embodiment Experiment

Give yourself something new to do-

EXPERIMENT with your personal energy and how it interacts with the energy AROUND you.


is an 11 day Quantum Abundance Experiment where you aren’t

the “pay off” is a method to mix up the energy just enough to
set something new in motion- whether it be subtle or large-

If you learn HOW this works for you and your body you will be able to master so many more things associated with ideals like MANIFESTATION and all that jazz.

What I have noticed in trying these “challenges” that it’s better in short spurts- but if it’s TOO short it doesn’t land. But even with keeping that in mind- when it comes to your energy sheath or body- I am finding many people attempting to manipulate this without an understanding of how to deconstruct their attachment to the outcome.

The ONLY way I have found to begin a basic authentic communication with it is to do something not logical coupled with some intentional writing + action. This is EXACTLY where this SET IT IN MOTION challenge came from.

I am going to give you all of the instructions, in a nutshell, below. HOWEVER if you want guidance in the form of prompts for the 11 days with some meditations mixed in- sign up for the challenge right here->

HERE’S how it will go…
Day 1- Write out desired reality. Be very complete. More info in email. Cut it up, put it aside. You will want to get a small bowl or jar to keep these in until day 11

Days 2 to 10- Cut 5 strips of paper per day. Each day write something new you want in your life- don’t try and remember what you previously put down. Put these aside with day 1’s scraps. Email’s have more suggestions.

Day 11- In meditation see about 5 things you can do to bring today’s you closer to the you in the jar and make a commitment. Then do something with the scraps. Details in emails

SIGN UP for all the prompts which go along with the MOON PHASES and with the current energy, cause that’s how I roll… YEAH this is FREE, grab it before I change my mind.

New subscribers will need to check their email to confirm their subscription.

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The Yogic Approach (Part 4): The Yamas

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This is part 4 of our ongoing series called
The Yogic Approach

Today we are focused on The Yamas as described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The “backbone” of Yoga Philosophy- restraints.

Faern walks us through the basics of what these are, how we can look at their knowledge and apply it to our lives. She also looks into the word Yama and shares with us some simple insights from connecting the two.

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Are You Avoiding Joy?

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Have you ever actually considered something like that?

“Things that can bring you the fullest joy are possibly being actively avoided”
– Faern

It’s one thing to be generally happy and go through the day to day but it’s a whole other thing to realize you have been simply overlooking what may bring you the fulfillment you ponder as being missing.

That is what this episode is about-
Our host Faern takes us through a personal experience revolving around re-learning how to find joyful things in her life.

The Yogic Approach returns next week with the Yammas