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New Octave Achieved

Sound Your Note

I read that in a book somewhere sometime over the last couple years. Saying the “last couple years” used to feel so vague- but now, and not with age mind you, it is very specific. The Pandemonium years. The New Age explosion. The myth years. The years where some people found out that their individuality isn’t going to “save” them, when others actually had that happen- in a sense.
Whatever happened- is likely still happening.

It’s from Buddhism, the sounding your note idea, but I am not Buddhist so I cannot really teach it from knowing, only what I have experienced or understood. It is a beautiful sentiment / understanding about our individual nature but also how we interact with the world around us.

This year in particular- these 2’s- I have been focusing on what that all means for me now that I more fully understand where I am in this body of mine, even if I am still unsure of where I am in the direct neighborhood community- as far as where I can offer what I can offer. I have been more attuned to bringing forward a more complete understanding of our Energy Sheath and how we all interact with Atmospheric Interference.

“WOW what an introductory share here Faern”
I know I know….

For the most part I am going to share in this post where I am NOW- but also include some other tide bits of info- I will not make a habit of this type of “blog” as it would make no sense- but for now- it is very nice to meet you- thank you for coming by. To be honest, I don’t have much more to say about this now – except that I am actively changing as fast as things are changing around me if not faster.
If we were to take a cross section of my life- we would be in the “Solar Plexus” area of my body. But we can’t, and that makes zero sense so

…lets move on.

I have an Ebook out there- and I am making Salves, lip balms and some other things which are sometimes available- look at the menu on this site and you’ll see some links. Everything else has been on hold for most of this year- I mean, it’s looking like things are waking up slowly so you probably want to be on my email list or at least get on TikTok.

DO look out for a few things though- I have a NEW FALL SALVE and I will be completing more Crystal Grid sets in the next couple weeks- there ARE meditation sets already available. I have made a small handfull of Rosemary bundles & Cedar, Prairie Sage & Pine bundles for smoke clearing your space- these are specially available to subscribers (see menu above)

This year has flown by

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Thank you for visiting my website and reading this share,

PS. on the image above I wrote
“New Octave Achieved” because I feel as though this is the best way for me to express myself currently- in making sure the words I use are aligned with me to the best of my ability. While I am aware of where my beliefs stand- effective expression is very important to me, but also clarity which seems to be the more challenging part.
My thoughts around “Octave” are in regards to “Vibration” and how our body is working with a set of vibratory effects or interferences. It’s an analogy- If we were to “raise our octave” we would be operating at/with a higher set of notes or vibrational patterns.
This to me feels like a nice way to move through some of the explanations which are not quantifiable but are also not not … um, yeah you got it