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Hungry for Apples Episode: Finding Yourself Right Where You Are

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On this week’s episode I am exploring having an open conversation about “finding yourself” and why people feel like they need to go “very far away” to do that.
The question was: “Why do people feel like they have to leave where they are to find themselves?”
The reason I was thinking about it is because NEXT week’s episode is really special- it is an interview with Uli Bella a founding member of the band Ozomatli. We talk about all kinds of things but if you are a creative person- a musician in particular, working with a group or a band, you will want to tune in to this episode because we talk about this specifically- I’m not sure if you know this but Ozomatli is one of the longest successful band relationships EVER.
Besides that we talk about their travels around the world- and this is what got me thinking about sacred locations, pilgrimages and the accessibility of those kind of trips.

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