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HamSa Meditation on Hungry for Apples Podcast

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This episode begins with Faern giving us a basic explanation on how we can use the idea of  ‘entrainment’ and how we already do naturally in our daily lives and practices.

We then move into a Guided HamSa Meditation and Breathing Practice.
We already learned SoHum last year- which is very similar and to some might even seem the same but given some time and attention one will call you deeper within yourself. Neither is more valid than the other- in fact the difference in the spelling is Sanskrit grammar- not any hierarchy, but honestly they FEEL different from each other.
Test them out and get back to us.

The intention of the meditation is taking part with ‘entrainment‘, testing the waters, so to speak. This simple meditation is very profound- Faern suggests trying it on your own at different times of day and lengths of time
This type of Meditation is focus building as well as calming.

This is a very good place to begin with meditation practices but it is also a quintessential experience many people return to over years and years if not their whole lifetime. {Same with SoHum}