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The best affirmations are the ones which provide you with a spark deep down inside. Sometimes these are written by others, other times you. Honestly the ones that are not written by you which provide that spark are pretty universal and although they feel good it’s not a good idea to depend upon them. Even if you absolutely love some of these all encompassing simple affirmations I highly suggest you write those down multiple times to really connect truthfully.

To write your own you want to start with a series of very simple I am statements. Which may be what you were already working with.

Below are the basic steps for creating your own affirmations.

Keep this in mind as you go: the power of the affirmation not only comes from the words you choose but your energetic connection to them.
Be sure you don’t get so flowery in your language that it feels weird to say it. As if it’s foreign to your own energy body.

Stage one

Start with “I am“ phrases. Make a long list of these. Look these over multiple times and then move onto creating a list quite similar to the one you just made except you’re going to focus on any positive phrase beginning. Anything that is affirmative – I know , I have, I love etc.

Stage two

Always write in the positive. The focus is on what you want rather than what you don’t want. The focus is on what you want to happen not what isn’t happening or working out.

Stage three

We are working in this now so write these that way. In the present tense.

There’s a very big idea around “already having“ which I feel goes much further than writing only in the present tense. This has more to do with how it feels to have the thing or experience work out than it does with everything being in this now. Although that is also important as well.

Stage four

Dual affirmations to confirm aspirations. It’s one thing to want to be an artist and it’s a whole other thing to be grateful for all the ideas, supplies and space to make the art.

“I am experiencing great success in my new business“ pair this with I am so excited to be enjoying all of this wealth at last“

This approach will confirm and reaffirm your highest passion and believe in what you want to experience in this lifetime.

Stage five

Affirmations have nothing to do with how any of it is going to happen. This is most likely where people get lost in this process because we are often trained to look for the how-to steps because that’s how most people in history have done it. But when it comes to energy and in particular affirmations of this sort you needing those details actually creates a blockage or a speed bump in information Moving towards you which might create unintentional difficulties which may cause a misunderstanding of the process.

Stage six

Now let’s talk about successes or things you like about yourself. Often these parts of yourself or ourselves overlooked or taken for granted and this is the foundation of how we are being in the world. If this affirmation process is completely new to you it’s a very good idea to begin with these things that you like about yourself about your life about your children and about your hobbies about whatever it is that you can pull up because it will help you understand how it works because you already have these things. It takes away the stress of all of those manifestation details people love to give out.


Choose five things.
Write a couple affirmations per thing if you need more assistance on this download the PDF which is linked at the bottom of this post. Actually download it anyway, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Stage seven

Why are you start with in distress and needs are through the roof?

Taking time to practice being with one’s self is a magnificent way to connect with your inner being but also with your life around you. The stage is directly attached to the previous one about successes. Choosing to write affirmations about a wide variety of topics allows for a good amount of space to create the ones which you’ll have the most success or benefit from.

Here’s an example from my own life. Before I go out I have an affirmation I usually say which I like very much. You can do this around all things you want to confirm and affirm into your life. Changing the way you approach things in your life to support what you actually want includes your thinking patterns which will help shift circumstances around you bringing in new experiences new feelings new friends new new things to do with your day with your life.

Having a positive view of your life going forward is going to increase in importance very quickly. Creating a perspective around that will remove the possible habit of leaning on expectations and beliefs. Yes absolutely dream ENORMOUSLY while keeping in mind you actually have to believe it. If you’re going to be repeating it to yourself out loud especially. Which you are, see below.

What to do with your affirmations

You’ve written a long list of wonderful statements and phrases sing straight to your heart – no what?

There are all kinds of ways to use them. From scripting, repeating, recording and listening, to breathing and repeating, meditation and journaling. The key is that you cultivate a deep relaxation component as part of a practice in order to make these things really connect to your being.

Another thing that is extremely helpful is active visualization or for my purposes and for some of your purposes I’m calling “FEELIZATION” which is my personal experience and practice which I will have to do an entire post about it in order to explain it to you.

Another thing you could do is affirm while traveling, driving, walking, pushing the kid in the stroller or when you have nothing to do. Or if you just have a second you can run some affirmations through your head. Another thing you can do is have them ready to go for when you wake up in the morning and just do that get used to repeating them in a positive tone in your head you can repeat them while you’re brushing your teeth and stuff like that. But here’s the deal with that. This is important. You still have to do it at some point when you’re connected to a very deep relaxation or do the visualization otherwise you won’t fully connect energetically to them it will feel good but this component will give your body the direct connection that you’re looking for. This often goes overlooked I tried it the other way it doesn’t work.

Here’s an activity:

Write down a negative belief that you have about yourself and then write down the exact opposite.

Thanks for reading,

I condensed this process- which you can download for free here: