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New Podcast Episode: Lackmind In Hard Times

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Humanity is in such a massive transition- you’d forget we JUST went through a pandemic, barely beyond it and here we are in the biggest shift yet.
On one level- it may not seem this way as of NOW because it is percolating and a lot of people are trying REALLY REALLY HARD to ignore it. Then on the very next landing they find out this is not possible and begin to hyper focus on what is NOT working- which unfortunately is likely how we got here to begin with.

“LACKMIND in Hard Times” is an episode about just that. NONE of us are in the same boat but yet it is imperative we find ways to pass supplies between the vessels. This week Faern explores what we can do to shift this in a personal way so that we can assist others in doing the same thing. We have to start with ourselves.

Listen in and let us know how you are turning your LACKMIND into a new golden perspective.