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The Yogic Approach (part2): Hungry for Apples Podcast Episode

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This series
Yoga for Beginners

is just beginning- we really haven’t scratched the surface at all. I think it’s a good idea to begin with history and the details that are the foundations of the practice- but I also want to get into practicing with you. Letting you in on my thought process so you don’t get bored and know about what is coming … eventually.

In this episode I go over what an “Eight Limb Practice” is as according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and I go over the 8 main aspects which make up the approach.

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The Yogic Approach (part 1): Hungry for Apples Podcast Episode

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In this episode I got over the basic ways to LOOK at what you are working with in terms of “Yoga”. Both of these are present no matter what, it’s just that some of us aren’t ready to see things certain ways- which is totally ok. There’s no reason to tear apart your beliefs just because someone said so- when beliefs turn into inner knowings, things shift naturally. For now, be a beginner, enjoy that part- see which most suits you by listening to this episode and seeing how your body naturally responds. Stay tuned, this is a multi part series.

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Podcast Episode: Where to begin, Yoga or Meditation?

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When we look at this with the BEGINNER’S mind- there’s a particular notion that must be fulfilled- the WHERE to begin part. I totally understand this and did my best to look at it from there, although I do know that I tend to get a little complicated at times so if a question comes up, let me know.

For now I am looking at this as a part of my

Yoga for Beginners Series

Thank you for taking the time to listen, the episode is below

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Yoga & Meditation for Beginners on my podcast

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The last couple weeks I have started this series I am creating for beginners to Yoga &/or Meditation on Hungry For Apples Podcast (although as you’ll find out right away I am going to lean on “Yoga” even though there is a major parallel definition).

Let me know if you have any questions or want me to go over anything- when you listen to the podcast, every time I say how to do this…

Thank you for listening!

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Conversation with Uli Bella of Ozomatli on Hungry for Apples Podcast

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This is a fantastic conversation where we touch on extensive travel, the staying power of the band and much much more. I think there are helpful things in here for musicians, fine artists, travel enthusiasts as well as people wanting to shift and change. Did I just name everyone?

There are a couple highlights on our YouTube channel as well as TikTok- but for the full episode-

Here are your options:

Audio only…

Video …

Thank You for listening!